I love being a ghostwriter. Nothing makes me happier or keeps me saner than writing, but there’s so much more to it. It’s a way for me to be of service, to work with incredible people and, ultimately, to deliver stories into the world that might never have been told.

I have been blessed to work with a range of storytellers over the last ten years, producing fourteen books to date, fiction and non-fiction, in their name. My proudest achievement has been working with a woman who endured twenty years of domestic abuse before finally making her escape and becoming a campaigner against violence to women.

I love writing books about individual experiences – memoirs and autobiographies – that make readers laugh and cry, gasp and shudder, smile and think. But most of all, I love knowing that I am working on a project full of honesty and hope that will make a difference to readers and be long remembered after the last page is turned.

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Why Do People Use Ghostwriters?

Your Story: How it Works

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Opera Glasses and a Packet of Frazzles: Visiting the Theatre in the Middle of a Pandemic

“We could get dressed up, move the sofa, put the light out, grab the opera glasses and Frazzles.” (Our snack cupboard was looking a bit bare.)
So we did. I in my long pinstripe jacket and bowtie, hair oiled back and moustache drawn on with eyeliner pencil. She in her flapper dress and boa. I have no idea where she found the peacock feather to stick in her hair, but it was a nice touch.

Lamb Bingo: A Walk in a Field in Lockdown

It’s such a small, frivolous thing to be thankful for when the world has been brought to its knees by influenza’s older, demented half-brother, with a chip on his shoulder and daddy issues.

Reading ‘Writing Down the Bones’ Twenty Years Later

My God, I was an arrogant writer when I was younger. I knew my work was good, and I reacted to criticism the way flat-earthers respond to the inconvenient truth. I was hot stuff, they were wrong/moronic/picking on me, and the world would have to catch up with my genius sooner or later.